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Bedtime Coupons: How to Finally Stop Bedtime Negotiations with Your Child

We’ve all been there. Your child is requesting one more book, one more song, one more cuddle. Your toddler is suddenly STARVING or can’t fall asleep without the lovey you haven’t seen in months. So how do you stop the endless bedtime requests? It’s simple - use bedtime coupons!



Here’s how it works:

  1. Each coupon is good for ONE ask (another story, a 5 minute cuddle, a sip of water, whatever).
  2. You decide how many coupons your child gets per night, your child decides how they’ll use it. (If you’re trying to get your child to stay in bed all night, you can reward them an extra coupon each time that happens)

As always: DEMONSTRATE THIS BEFORE IMPLEMENTING IT. The more your child knows about how this works/what they can expect, the more success you’ll experience. 

They need to know ALL the parameters: what can they ask for, how many times can they ask, what happens when the ticket is gone, etc. Role playing can help, too.

With ALL toddler advice, do remember: they are still toddlers. If they push back a little still, it’s developmentally appropriate. It is your job to maintain the boundary you set and to stick to the limits of the bedtime coupon! 

Consistency and follow through breed success.



 Benefits of using sleep coupons:

  • It’s a great way to give your child some control while still being the parent.
  • It helps your child get in bed, and sometimes stay in bed all night. 
  • It prevents bedtime battles.
  • It decreases bedtime negotiations and them dragging out bedtime.

What happens if your child has already collected their bedtime coupon? 

You need to remind them that they’ve already used it

Let them know they’ll get new ones tomorrow.

No matter what, you need to hold the boundary. Rinse and repeat the next day!

Where can I get bedtime coupons? 

Simple, download them for FREE here!

bedtime coupons


If you have any questions, I’m here to help. Just drop a comment below or email me if you want to work with me!

💜 Ellanee

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